karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

What I like about my new gym. (24 Hour Fitness)

1. It's right across the street from the office.

2. It's got a hot tub. (Mind you, I haven't used it yet, but at least it's there.)

3. The Cybex (or Cyber-sex, or Cyberman) workout. One circuit, pretty much full body workout.

4. Way cheaper than Crunch.

5. MOST OF ALL----The music. It's mostly 70's & 80's. Not even pretending to cater to the younger crowd. I use my Ipod when I'm actually working out, but I love coming in and hearing Rock The Casbah or I Ran, and then up in locker room getting dressed to To Be Real or Who Loves You Pretty Baby. At Crunch, they played some 80's MTV stuff, but mostly contemporary and I was usually lost. With 24 Hour, I feel like I'm home.

Also, I found "Chicken Fat" on YouTube and put it on the Ipod, so I start my workout with the whole thing as a warmup. Do I have any other children of the 60's and 70's who had to do that thing in gym class? It was probably the first time I heard Robert Preston and for years it was one of those high-school nightmare memories, but I feel like I've taken it back and can now actually enjoy the workout.
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