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Fic Rec-A Modest Proposal by Ignaz Wisdom

Ladies and Gentleman: I give you the ultimate House/Wilson love and sex and angst with a GUARANTEED HAPPY ENDING epic! It starts with the events of "Merry Little Christmas" and eventually takes them to a place that only a angst-loving, hard-boiled, bitch wouldn't melt for. If you are one, you might want to read it anyway, but keep some insulin on hand for the last few chapters.

Great dialogue, characterization (Howard The Lawyer rocks!), use of canon, as well as original backstory, AND DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN THE SEX IS HOT!!!
One thing guys...it's long, basically a novella. I think it's being posted in chunks just because of the over-all length.

Anyway, first take a run to the bathroom, then grab some refreshments and settle down for this: A Modest Proposal by ignazwisdom
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