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Movie Review-In The Loop

WARNING-Also contains tangential spoiler for CoE

Awesome movie. I feel like an idiot because hubby and I were talking about Peter Capaldi and how much we loved him this British TV show about the government but we couldn't remember the name. Then the movie turned out to be a movie version of that TV show which was a one series show called "The Thick of It," which we caught a few episodes of on BBCA.

This movie had everything I love about British comedy. Snarky. Vicious. Wonderful accents. And cursing. Wonderful, wonderful cursing. Especially with Scottish accents. All I could think is when that if Peter Capaldi had been playing Malcolm, instead of Frobisher, he would have cursed those pukey aliens right off this planet and they'd never plan on coming back.

And if there's anyone who can match the Brits in a curse-off, it's James Gandolfini. He was amazing.

For a comedy that is about the lead-up to the Iraq war that never actually SAYS Iraq it feels more "real" than anything else we've seen in the movies. I wonder if they could only do it this after Bush and Blair were both gone.

Laugh out loud funny. At least for me and hubby. I've loved Peter Capaldi ever since Local Hero. (I love EVERYBODY in that movie. Even the crazy psychiatrist.) He was actually a redeeming feature in Fortysomething, and I'm sure I saw him in Feelgood at the Garrick Theatre on our trip in 2001. I really need to get my hard-drive cleaned up and make some room for The Devil's Whore, so I can see him as Charles I, not to mention finally getting to see John Simm as Sexby.

We had a nice dinner at Fuzio and came home to watch some nice angsy John Hannah in McCallum, since we had our Scottish ears on already.

Tomorrow I'm meeting pinglederry for Dim Sum. Squeeeeeeeeee!!!

But I really need to do some dishes. Not so Squeeeeeeeee!!!
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