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I just slept in until 11:00AM

Clearly, a vacation week is in order. I kind of hurt all over from yesterday's jaunt up Haight Street, that great street.

Things to get done during the week:

Some research for the novel.
Hang out at the Mint.
Work on the Novel while hanging out at the Mint.
Make a start on my Halloween Costume fanfic
More drabbles for Stump The Author.
Read fanfic for fun.
Arrange for Hubby's bike to be towed to bike shop for check up. Need to make sure the two-wheeled death machine works before we sell it.
Take hubby's bicycle to bicycle shop. He's looking at it as home to work transportation when he goes back at the end of the month.
Try the 24 Hour fitness in Noe Valley.
At least one long run.
Dishes, laundry, etc.
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