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Major anxiety attack going on.

Lots of work to do and I want to do anything but work. This means that I'll procrastinate and/or screw something up. If my House peeps, remember the clinic patient from the Pilot : "I know you're not very good at whatever it is you do." That's me. How I got into this miserable business is a long sad story, which is basically that is was an easy job to get into and my father thought it was a good idea. This was the mid 80's when there was still such a thing as travel agency commission on airline tickets. Any of you who know the industry are now laughing hysterically.

Major drama over the weekend involving downstairs neighbor and his booming stereo which I could clearly hear coming up through the floor at 2:00AM playing Evil Woman by ELO. I have nothing against ELO and do a great version of "Can't Get It Out My Head" in Karaoke. However it was 2:00AM when I went downstairs and 3:00-ish when my husband got involved.
There was broken glass and a visit from the police. Very exciting.
I came into the office on Sunday to abuse the office computer and work on my Housefic which is still in the Beta-process as Beta-Goddess Carol and I try to create the perfect RPS and on Monday (even though Bubbles told me not to) to work on the profiles which I've been procrastinating on for months.

And the super bad news is that Kimberly, who was supposed to be my back up for all the crud that I didnt' want to deal with so I could keep up with the phones and not sound frazzled even when I was, has to cover a whole account up in Seattle, because that agent got into a car accident.
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