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Lots of Mint time.

I went to the Mint around 3-ish.

Hung out with Jim the bartender and a few other singers. Mostly I worked my way down the page with the "It's" songs.
It's Late
It's My Life
It's Nice To Go Travelin'
It's Not Unusual
It's Only Make Believe

I didn't sing "It's My Party" because I think it's a stupid song. Not a good message.

When it started getting a little crowded, I wowed them with the theme from Spiderman and got out.

I did 20 pages of beta, read some fanfic, worked on my novel.

Also...got some shopping done, took out laundry. Hubby did the rest of the dishes. YAY HUBBY.

Came home and cooked dinner and we watched Keith and Rachel. YAY-Keith was back. Whoooooo-hooooo. He was ON FIRE. Special Comment about the members of Congress, Republican AND Democrats who are basically in the pocket of the insurance industry. He kicked ass and named names. God I love that man!

Rachel was looking awesome, as always, and had Ana Marie on, which is always time for the happy dance.

I think tomorrow is the day to get the motorcycle checked out so we can sell it, and I have my date for working out with Peggy. YUM YUM. (I can't wait until she tells me to get on my knees.)
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