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Fun way to start the morning....

Automated call from PG&E saying our bill (the one that gets paid automatically online) was past due and they'd be shutting off our power etc etc. I communicated this to Hubby and he asked me to take care of it because he hadn't even had his tea yet.

After a bit of glaring and growling, I called the 800 number and tried to make the payment only to be told we had the wrong kind of debit card and they'd be happy to give me the number to make the payment by credit card, but that number doesn't take Visa. (Of course, we have Visa.) At this point, I was getting seriously cranky, so Hubby made an on-line payment, while I kept saying "Agent" to try and get transferred to a real person.

Hubby then talked to the real person, who told him the on-line payment might not be received in time so he made ANOTHER payment by giving them our checking account number.


Then he asked me to go downstairs and pick up bagels for him. He went to the gym yesterday and over-did it a little on the Life-cycle. You know what, I worked out with Peggy yesterday and I'm a bit sore myself, but his pain (the whole broken leg thing) trumps mine, so I went down and got the bagels.

Now we're chilling out to the Modern Jazz Quartet playing Bach. Very soothing. If it ain't Baroque, don't fix it.

The work-out with Peggy was awesome as always, if excruciating. I told her I wanted to work my core. I can make myself do cardio, I can't make myself do butts & guts, so when I have the opportunity to have someone make me do it, that's what I want. (And having my girl-crush tell me to get on my knees is always a bonus.)

Did you guys catch the "throw" from Keith to Rachel last night? They were both kind of giddy. I love it when they're like that.
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