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Brunch snark

So we decided to try a new place this morning called Maverick. It's about two blocks away from Chez Karaokegal, which is acceptable distance and they had Eggs Benedict on the menu which made Mr. Karaokegal very happy. He was even happier that the eggs were runny without his having to mention it. The OJ was awesome and the glasses were large and heavy bottomed which is nice because I'm a serious clutz and always managing to knock glasses over. The location has gone through several incarnations and I think it's problematic because it's at 17th & Mission, which isn't the nicest area in the world. On the other hand 18th & Guerrero used to be scuzzy and now it's foodie heaven so what do I know? My scrambled eggs with biscuits and gravy was also quite yummy.

The snark occurred when upon being seated, our attractive waitress of many arm tattoos, handed us the menu and asked "What kind of water can I get you started with?"
She then clarified "plain, sparkling or still"? Luckily I hadn't had any yet or it would have come out of my nose. Have I not be to a "nice" restaurant in a long time and is this now typical? Because to me it was just too pretentious for words.

We also had the opportunity to eavesdrop on another table's conversation where a guy was telling a story about someone explaining to him that they had a speech impediment which causes him to sound sarcastic.
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