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Still chillaxing!

Got in some good Mint time yesterday, with Tifanny, Kenny, Sammy Joe, and a small group of others. (Note to self-Do not attempt to sing "Young Americans" again. Ever!)

Worked on my Big Beta project, read a bunch of fic, and made progress on the NOVEL!

Did a Walgreen's run for hubby and was reminded that I don't have to go to 24th St for a 24 Hour Fitness, because DUH, there's one right on Market, next to the Walgreens.

So after LJ catch-up and shower, I might head over there.

Got an email this AM from Ben, the bartender. He finished CoE last night. His first reaction was this: I just finished it!!!! And I don't think I have enough kleenex to take care of all these sniffles! It was so moving and dark. And Jack isn't a hero. But, he saved so many people. I just don't know what to think.

ugh! sniffle, sniffle.

I've sent him a detailed "interview" to try and get a sense of a reaction from outside the internet cauldron, and see what he thinks about some of the more hot-button issues that have come up. I'm also hoping to get responses from my other Barrowmania converts and my friend Ivan, who's an old school Who fan. He hasn't watched yet, because he doesn't want to deal with anything that dark right now. Aside from my warnings, his own brother told him it was really depressing. I'll be with Debra at work next week, and she should have something to say as well.

From Rachel Maddow last night:

In case anyone thinks there's anything the least bit "grass roots" about the disruptions going on at the Health Care Town Halls, YOU HAVE GOT TO WATCH THIS! Seriously. I'm begging.

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