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TV GUIDE-40 Hottest Stars. I think not.

So I just got back from Hair Day with some totally bitchin' high-lights because Sebastian is a genius and decided it was time to wrap my hair up in tinfoil and fry it with a curling iron for awhile. Hair Day used to segue directly into Karaoke, but with hubby's current schedule that is no longer the case. Instead, I went to Safeway and came home to work on fic, catch up on LJ and wait until it's time to cook dinner and wake up hubby for work.

One of the side-effects of my House/Hugh obsession has been coming back to TV Guide, which I had stopped reading a long time ago. Normally I do not bitch about TV Guide as they have provided many lovely pics of Hugh, RSL and various cast members on an almost weekly basis, all of which I save and drool over. HOWEVER this weeks issue: "TV's 40 Hottest Stars Steam Up The Screen," and the only member of the House cast to make the cut is Jennifer Morrison? Huh? What? I'm not saying she ain't pretty, but that's not even a very hot picture of her in there. She's got the "come hither" look into the camera going on, but I don't think the dress is doing all that much for her.

All of which is besides the point. Where the fuck is Hugh? Did he piss off someone at TV Guide? I'm getting a Florida 2000 vibe, if you know what I'm saying, especially cause Carmine Giovanazzo is missing as well and that's just highway robbery.

There is a Hugh picture in the issue, but it's a small pic attached to a letter saying that House jumped the shark because of "Half-Wit." You all know how much I disagree with that and why.

This is bullshit people. Serious bullshit.

ETA: Lisa E. is in there as well as "Sexiest Female Doctor." Thanks moondragon_kaga for the heads-up.
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