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Brunch and a visit to King Tut

hllangel came in to the city and we finally got to have brunch at Andalu, giving her the opportunity to experience the famous polenta fries.

Then the three of us grabbed a cab up to the DeYoung Museum. LOTS of line standing but we finally did get in to see the exhibit, which was cool, but after so many Discovery Shows, a little anti-climactic.

The DeYoung is awesome, and I can hardly wait to get into the new and improved Academy of Science.

And for some reason the whole day turned out to be incredibly exhausting. Maybe it was the crowds and lack of oxygen at the museum. No idea.

But the rest of the night is going to spend in comfy clothes, working on a major beta project. NCIS episodes are going by and I'm barely registering them. We have some DVDs that might be seen as well.

I need to do a review of Julie & Julia, but also need to pass on this rather sad piece of information about Mrs. Child, which I discovered in mattieuperrin's LJ.
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