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Femslash drabble "Bang Bang" CSI-Miami Calleigh/Alex 150 words Rating:PG

Written for femslash100 challenge 107-Fire
Pairing suggested by hubby, who said "How about blondie and the black chick who talks to the bodies?"

Title: Bang Bang.
Fandom: CSI-Miami
Pairing: Calleigh/Alex
Wordcount: 150
Rating: PG

Calleigh tells herself she's only coming to the morgue to get the bullet that Alexx dug out of the latest vic, but it’s hot, and cooler down here among the corpses than anywhere else in the lab.

Until she hears Alexx talking to the DB. “Look at that. What on earth happened to you, honey?”

The sight of Alexx bent over, a hint of skin showing under her lab coat, and the sound of her voice, drives away any chance of cooling down. Calleigh suddenly craves a cold drink as much as she does Alexx’s lips on hers. Just once she’d like to hear that sugared voice talk to her with the same affection she pours on the dead.

Evidence in hand, she heads back to the lab, wondering if she has time to get off a few rounds at the firing range. If she can’t have Alexx, she really, really needs to shoot something.

Tags: drabble, femslash

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