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Still having Twitter issues-and some literary stuff.

Mostly with posting and following. I think it's a problem with my lap-top. Tomorrow, I'm back at work with the big computer so then I should be able to Tweet more frequently. The irony being that there's not all that much to say from the Desk of Doom.


I was thinking about Fear of Flying this morning. Although I always reference Lolita as a prime literary influence, I was also heavily affected both as woman and a writer by Isadora Wing and the dream of a Zipless Fuck. (There's also a connection between the two as they both indulge in Flaubertian descriptions of their individual sexual odysseys.) In the long run, Nabakov has affected my writing more and at a certain point in time, especially after reading all Erica Jong's later books, the sexual stuff loses some of its luster, and you get more interested in figuring out who everyone is supposed to be in "real life."

NO--I'm not saying I'm anywhere near being as good a writer as Nabokov or Jong. I'm saying their approaches to writing, and especially Jong's build up to sex scenes and embrace of a certain kind of fantasy, have been inspiration and influence.


I'm thinking of going up to the Mint early today and participating in the "Karaoke Entertainer of the Year" competition. This is "Oldies" week, and I think I can knock em dead with Rosalita. I won't win cos it's not a "diva turn," but at least I wouldn't completely embarrass myself.
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