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Children of Earth-A view from outside the bubble #2

This is the "interview" with bff Jen. Jen & I go way, way back. We were writing self-insert Mary Sue fic about Enigma (the 1982 movie) before some of you were born. I got her into Torchwood via James Marsters.

What did you think of the show itself as a whole?

I liked on the whole.

Was there suspense?

Not really,but I found what they did to the original eleven kids absolutely revolting. What away to go! Damn.

Did you care about the non-TW characters?

I loved the Clem character. Great choice for the actor, he was an older man playing the part like an innocent, scared child. He was great. I hated the "Local Hero character" Frobisher but thought it was played well and didn't much care for his solution to the problem.

Did you feel there were major plot holes that ruined the whole thing.

You mean like the cement drying so fast? The government trying to hide what happened the first time? Didn't really bother me. But what did was the first time the aliens showed up they requested twelve kids, why did they only take eleven? That was a little confusing seeing as how adamant they were the second time around. And why the hell did Ianto go with Jack to the building that got him killed? That was really contrived.

Did you feel like it was still Torchwood?

Without the hub? It was a movie, not the TV show. Things are bound to be different. Give me Kiss Kiss Bang Bang over these.

Did you like the writing/direction/acting?

It was fine

Regarding the Torchwood characters, prior to seeing CoE, did you have strong feelings (positive or negative) about the three main characters remaining from the first two seasons?

I wasn't crazy about Ianto, he was rather wimpy. I liked his coming out, and understood the "just him." I thought the relationship dialogue between him and Jack was an afterthought, and the only feeling his death brought about was "Good!"

Did your mind change about any of them during the course of the five episodes?

Regarding the Jack/Ianto relationship, prior to CoE, did you think they had an emotional relationship or that it just sex or something in between.

Something emotional for Ianto, but Jack was just playing along as far as I'm concerned.

What did you think of Jack's relationship with Gwen? Was it only a friendship or did he feel something more for her?

It should only be friendship she's got a great hubby.

Did your mind change about either of those during the course of CoE?


Did Jack's treatment of Ianto bother you in any way?


Specifically, regarding Ianto, how did you feel about the "coming out"
scene with the sister, especially the line about "not men, just him?"

I liked and understood it. Wouldn't you if you were a guy?

Did you think that the show had a homophobic bent with the fact that Ianto was referred to as "gay boy," "bender" and "taking up the arse" by his family, as a "queer" by Clem and that after he was dead, Andy asked if he was gay?


Did you feel Ianto's death had a purpose within the plot?
Yes, with Gwen married and pregnant it ended all ties with the Earth.

How did you feel about Jack not saying "I love you" during the death scene?


Was Jack so broken up because it was Ianto specifically or another member of his team (following Tosh and Owen) who's death he was responsible for.

Probably the team thing.

Would the death scene have been dramatically different if it had been Gwen?

Hell yes!

Do you think that Gwen/Rhys' happy relationship was contrasted negatively with Jack & Ianto's?

Jack and Ianto did not have a relationship. Ianto and Jack did.

(Did Gwen not losing Rhys or the baby seem unfair to you.)

No, it was unnecessary.

Episode 5-Which was more painful/disturbing to you-What happened to
Steven or what happened to Frobisher and his family?

Well, what happened to his grandson, was horrific. What Jack did was make him a hero by saving the world. Could I do it, I don't know, but it's better than what would have happened to him and the rest of the children had the aliens gotten their way.

Do you think Jack is irretrievably broken, or that he'll recover?

Jack never breaks he only bends a little.

If the next time we see him, on Dr. Who or a season 4 of Torchwood, he seems to be his old flirty self, would you find that acceptable, or do you think he needs to be seen mourning?

There should be a progression in the writing. There should be some mourning, maybe a confession, then he can go back to his old flirty self. He's always had demons he always will. The flirt is the mask he wears.

If there is a Series 4 of Torchwood, without Ianto, i.e. Jack/Gwen and new characters, would you watch?


If they ever did a Jack/Gwen relationship, would you be willing to accept it?

No, I can't stand adulterous relationships. Gwen would fall ten fold in my esteem if she were to ruin her perfect marriage with an affair with Jack.

If they found a way to bring back Ianto, would it "devalue" the meaning of his death?

They better not!!!

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