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Why am I wearing pink?

I hate this shirt. It's the replacement shirt I bought at "Out of the Closet" the day I puked on myself during a teeth cleaning last year. It looks a bit like a pajama top, and I've more or less sworn off pink since I became a redhead anyway. I mean it's a salmon-y pink and not a hot-pink but it's still pink and I should not be wearing it.

Walked to work, came in 9 minutes late. Debra doesn't seem to care. I don't care.

1. Julie and Julia---I really liked it and and I absolutely LOVED Meryl Streep. There's really not much to say about the movie, so let's talk about Meryl Streep. I used to hate her. Hate. Hate. Hate. I never thought she wasn't talented, but back in the 80's the different accent in every movie thing just felt like showing off. Also, I was jealous. In every movie, she was getting to canoodle with some actor I was hot for, sometimes two of them in the same movie.
Check out this list:
Jeremy Irons
Kevin Kline
Sam Neill
Robert Redford
Klaus Maria Brandauer

So I knew she was awesome, but I hated her for it.

Then in the 90's she sort of went away for awhile and wasn't getting to be leading lady with the hottie leading man, or maybe I just got over myself a little bit and really didn't think about her very much.

Then I saw Mamma Mia. I absolutely loved her in Mamma Mia. Her singing of The Winner Takes it All is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen, both the cinematography and the settiing and the orchestration, but most of her singing/acting. Absolutely loved it. And now I love Meryl Streep. (Although you still couldn't pay me to see Doubt.) She was so great as Julia Child, and the whole movie was just insanely happy-making. One of the few "feel-good movies" that actually had that effect.

2. I did not win the Karaoke contest. I got there and found out that "oldies" means before 1969 and Rosalita is 1973. So I switched to Teenager in Love and my voice cracked on my big note, a note I can usually nail. Grrrrrrr. I also got pissy that one of the singers did Love On The Rocks, which was 1980!!! I pointed it out to Frank, but he decided not to say anything unless the singer placed, which he did. So he got to re-sing. He did And When I Die. The performance wasn't nearly as good as his first one, but no one was going to change their vote because there was no anonymity to the whole thing.

Anywho--next week is 70's/80's, so I'll try it again with Rosalita and see what happens.

For a contest, it was extremely laid back. Most of the big Divas have already moved into the semi-finals so it was sort of us second-stringers and not a lot of pressure.

RIP-Eunice Shriver.
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