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The Roar of the Greasepaint, the Smell of the Pimp Post


Life Changes by filthgoblin

One of the pairings that has been woefully under-represented in Torchwood fic is Jack/Rhys. After their interactions in Meat, we should have had way more follow up to the "very homoerotic" connection between them.

filthgoblin has written a very hot little piece of smut that also gives a lot of insight into both Jack and Rhys' characters. Go. Read. Give love. (Look out for a real kick-in-the-guts KEL as well.)

Punch, Bruise, Embrace by laurab1

SOB-My beloved lost TW OTP of Jack/Owen is back for a drabble. With Song Lyric Prompt to boot.


Life on Mars

The Open Door by severinne

OH. MY. GOD. Hot and dirty sex in a public loo with Sam and two anonymous blokes. I can't even tell you how many of my kink buttons get pushed in this one.


Star Trek-Reboot

Recruitment by severinne

I know what you're thinking. Why don't we just get a hotel room? What can I say...she writes smut like it's made for me. This is the first fic in the Nu-Trek universe that I've read. I haven't delved into K/S because I'm still not sure I see Pine/Quinto as my Kirk/Spock, but the movie's Pike and McCoy were spot on and I truly loved the anger and hints of self-loathing in Karl Urban's performance. All of that is beautifully utilized in this fic. And did I mention...HOT!!!

House MD

One and One and One is Three by daasgrrl

What have we here? A gen fic? In my pimp post? Shocking.

Although I honestly didn't feel like this was Gen when I was reading it because it had a world of emotion between House and Wilson and to me that relationship, even as a friendship will never be purely "gen."

Post season five fic with a very creepy vibe and quite a kick at the end.



A Noah/Nathan drabble written for me by speccygeekgrrl in the drabble meme.

Dudes! Noah/Nathan. Dancing. Angst. What's not to like?
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