karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

I'm so not in the mood for this.

Today is the first day since the detox week when a sugar/caffeine fix sounds very appealing. I'm not going to do it, but I could definitely use the boost.

Yesterday was absolute crap here for me and Debra. She got caught up in an international travel drama where Singapore Airlines absolutely insisted they couldn't be a seat for our client, and she tried everything including calling Hong Kong and the concierge desk at a hotel in Guangzhou. Then this AM, we got an email saying that the client called the airline himself in Hong Kong, and of course they did the booking for him.

The good news for Debra is that this is her last week floating. She's getting her own account and go back to working from her home. The bad news is...training in Tampa.

As for me, aside from the usual batch of petty inconveniences, I got a call around 5PM from a woman who had just arrived at Penn Station in NY and was expecting a car service to be waiting for her and couldn't find the driver. There was nothing in her record and as matter of course, we don't do car service from Penn Station because it's impossible for the clients to find the drivers and there's only a million cabs waiting as soon as you get outside.

I pretended to call and check on car services and then told her it would take over 1/2 hour to get one and she should just go and get a cab. Which she did. And it turned out she was confused and our NY office would never tell her she had a car service at Penn Station.

I'm really hoping for a drama-free zone today, but that's unlikely. There's a bunch of shit I'm supposed to be working on and I'm really not terribly inclined. This is where the whole caffeine/sugar thing comes in. I could be bouncing off the walls and calling hotels like I actually enjoyed it. Rather than sitting here telling you people how much I don't want to call the hotels.
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