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Sad movie and bad restaurant choice-not a good combination.

We ditched the SFMOMA idea in lieu of just going to the Embarcadero and seeing The Cove.

It's a documentary about saving dolphins. Specifically dolphins that are being slaughtered in Japan. The most interesting part of the film (to me) is the story of Ric O'barry, who basically started the dolphin craze because he was the guy who caught and trained the dolphins used in the Flipper tv show and now he's devoted trying to free and save as many dolphins as possible.

Part of the movie is sort of a "fun" caper/thriller as a team of is put together and manages to get the evidence of exactly what is happening. Then we have to see it. And it's horrible. We knew going in that it would that way, and hubby found it far more disturbing than he actually expected to and started crying during the scene. I mean it's utterly devastating and depressing, but it's still something that needs to be seen because so much effort is being expended to keep it covered up.

As I told many people about CoE-watch it with a bottle of prozac nearby.

This movie should make you get very angry and get involved to do something.

So afterwards, hubby was major bummed out and we were considering going to see "Cold Souls," since it was playing at the same theater. Despite the words "laugh-out loud funny" on the poster, I was a little worried, especially considering the "In Bruges" debacle. So I interviewed a few people coming out of the previous showing and not one of them said it was genuinely funny or would cheer us up in the slightest, so we decided to just walk down to the ferry building and look for a place to eat dinner.

I suggested Sinbad's. IT WAS A JOKE! Sinbad's has been there forever and yeah, it's right on the water, but it's tourist food. I know that not all tourist food is bad, but we haven't eaten there in like 20 years and the last time was with psycho-sis, which should tell you something. We totally should have eaten at Market Bar or just come back to the neighborhood, but hubby decided it would be Sinbad's, so we went, and it was bad tourist food with a great view.

Just to top off a perfect day we watched a DVD called "A Talking Picture," which is was actually well-named because people in it did nothing but talk, although there was one song in Greek, and then a last minute plot where there had been none before. John Malkovich was in it and Catherine Deneuve (who I adore) but mostly it was someone named Leonor de Dilveirea talking. In Portuguese. We were not impressed.

Pretty much the highlight of the day was spending an hour on a treadmill at the gym. That should tell you something.
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