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The Bookstore Meme

Ganked from lifebecomesart

Imagine you were customer no. 1,000,000 in a boookstore and as a prize you were told to go nuts - you could choose any 10 books you wanted, and get them for free. Which books would you ask for? Assume the bookstore had an unlimited selection of books and could get hold of a copy of any book ever written - but not necessarily a specific copy (i.e. asking for first editions or autographed copies isn't possible.)

1.Rationale of the Dirty Joke: An Analysis of Sexual Humor-Gershon Legman
2.Stephen Fry in America: Fifty States and the Man Who Set Out to See Them All-Stephen Fry
3.The Annotated Alice-Martin Gardner
4.Hollywood Babylon-Kenneth Anger (original European edition.)
5.The Gun Seller-Hugh Laurie
6.Anthony Bourdain's Les Halles Cookbook-Anthony Bourdain
7.The Celluloid Closet-Vito Russo
8.The Story of O-Pauline Réage
9.The Showbusiness Nobody Knows-Earl Wilson
10. Steal This Book-Abbie Hoffman
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