karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Pimping & Reminders

Important stuff

Help free Maziar Bahari, a Canadian-Iranian journalist being held prisoner in Iran

Help save dolphins who are being horribly slaughtered in Japan

Not so important stuff

ppth_support is having the weekly Drabble Challenge. This week's episode is Skin Deep. If you want to write something about Alex, the teen super model or House's "funny" uncle, this is your chance. Of course, longer fic for any episode's Guest Stars and Supporting characters is welcome as well.

Children of Time is still open for nominations. Nominate me. Nominate your friends. Nominate yourself. There's plenty of spaces open. Remember, this round is limited to Owen, Sarah Jane, The Brigadier and Donna Noble.

The next Dr. Who/Torchwood Porn Battle
August 22-23
Historical Eras/Time Travel
Real!Sex/Fail!Sex (Sex can be awkward, messy, strange... and hey, there's the morning after!)
Enclosed Spaces/Tight Quarters
Tags: children of time, pimping, politics

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