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Can this day please be over already?

I should say that yesterday was pretty awesome. We watched Rachel Maddow kick DICK Armey's sorry butt on Meet The Press, and then I decided on getting the goddess nails attended to over going to the Mint early for the Karaoke Contest. From what I heard and what I was saw when I did get there, it was a massive cluster fuck. Twenty eight people signed up, most of them major league divas. There was a whole lot of sparkly eye-shadow going on, some of where eventually got applied to Daddy Dave, who I must say looked quite fetching in it.

I mostly hung out with Donatello and Peggy, and I also go a LOT of work on my "costume" for Come As You're Not. So much so that my hands started hurting. Since I didn't get to sing it for the contest, I did do Rosalita and totally rocked the house. I might still try it in two weeks for the "Rock" contest. Next week is "Country" and I'm skipping that one, because it'll be another round of big ballads and divas and I'm not in the mood.

The high-light of the evening was probably seeing Yanni in a gold lame gown, high heels and blonde wig singing Liza Minnelli's version of "Losing My Mind."

So....about the debacle that was and continues to be today:

The BART strike. It was canceled, but I didn't know that, so I walked anyway, which was fine. I would have either walked or gone to the gym anyway.

The fun really started at about ten o'clock when we found out that a major trial in a semi-major American city is being postponed until October. By this time, at least six attorneys were already in the air. Several support people were already in the major city and there was no way the hotel was going to waive any cancel fees.

So now I'm scrambling to get people booked back to San Francisco or get them a hotel for tonight. I haven't eaten yet, and the computer switch that was supposed to happen on Wednesday has been rescheduled for today, so I'm facing the prospect of not having a computer for as long as it takes them to get me fixed up. Luckily that never happened because there was a screw-up with Steve's computer so we couldn't hook up to the VPN because of the Mac number. Or something like that. We're still waiting for someone to call us with the number, so no one's touched my computer yet.

Then I get a call from a guy stuck in White Plains because American decided to cancel his flight and not tell anybody. They also decided that a flight tomorrow afternoon is sufficient protection for a flight leaving at 640PM tonight. Uh.....NO! So I called American and told them that wasn't good enough, and we got all that straightened out.

By this time I was shaking with hunger, of course. There's been a little sugar slippery-ness lately, but so far none today, although I really thought I was going to go for something at the sandwich shop. YAY ME!

I just got a hotel waiver on a three day cancel policy in Charlottesville. I'm totally exhausted. I haven't been able to even check LJ because of Regional Manager and IT guy being in the office.

All I wanna do is get the hell out of here, but I've got another hour ahead of me and who knows what crap remains to come out of the woodwork?
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