karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Feeling like crap...sore throat...congestion.

but dragged myself to work anyway. We have no floaters and Steve might have had Jury Duty. He didn't, but there was no one to cover if he did, and besides I had two conference calls to deal with today.

TWO is the big number of the day, since my shiny new computer upgrade means I have TWO monitors. In lots of ways this will make life easier, but it's still weird getting used to. For some reason the version of explorer I had loaded wasn't giving the New Tab option and I'm too spoiled by Firefox, which I was not supposed to load, but did.

The big nuisance of the day...week and foreseeable future is Secure Flight. In the name of "safety" TSA and Homeland Security are now insisting that we have the full name as it appears on the idea INCLUDING middle names and the date of birth in the record. The profiles were supposed to have been updated. Does it surprise anyone to know they have not?

I've got won-ton soup, hot tea, and lots of cough drops. Four hours and fifteen minutes to go.

It's gonna be a long day.

Robert Novack is dead. I don't know if this is a situation where I can say RIP. Before Valerie Plame, I thought he was a prick, but one who had his own code and lived by it and could be amusing and insightful on ocassion, but after Valerie Plame, there was really no way to see him in a good light. I wonder if Keith or Rachel will mention it tonight.
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