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Day 2 of feeling like crap...now with added annoyances!

1. I can't find my ATM card. It's only been a few months since the last time around. I know I got money from an ATM on Monday, and then got in a cab. Couldn't tell you which company for the life of me. Have gone through all the possible coat and pants pockets. Looked in the vicinity of my bed and closet in case it fell out during one of my typical disrobings, which basically involves stripping and throwing all clothing on the nearest floor. We checked the account online. Doesn't look like anybody's doing anything with it, but I can't even think of another place to look, so not much hope of it turning up.

2. Wrong glasses. I have a pair of my "distance" glasses on because I was watching TV with hubby this AM, but wasn't on line, so I was wearing distance. Forgot to grab a pair of "reading" glasses before I left. So I'm facing a day of looking at my computers with distance glasses.
This is so not gonna be fun.

That plus the whole sniffling, coughing, sore throat creeping into an ear-ache thing.

My theory is that this is actually hubby's fault. He's very close to being all better, and certainly doesn't need me to do things for him, although that doesn't stop him from asking. Anyway, my immune system has figured out that it's safe to let down its defenses and let me be sick for awhile, which it hadn't done at all during hubby's recovery period.

Gee thanks.

I mentioned that I loaded Firefox on my brand new work computer, even though we're not supposed to. I was finally advised how to get the new tabs on Explorer, but I still hate it and will keep using Firefox until someone basically threatens me with dismissal.

More progress made on the first Halloween fic. Hopefully the first draft will be done by the end of the this weekend. I really need to get my hair done, but I'm not sure my upper-respiratory system is going to be in any shape to face Devil Cat and Furball (not their real names) by Sunday.
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