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One of us, one of us!

Happy House Day, everybody. I'm mostly unspoiled for tonight and just as happy to be that way. I'm still hoping we've reached rock bottom with ODOR and nothing that bad can ever happen again. It would be too much to ask for another round of Piano-gasms, but I'm always on the lookout.

My co-worker Tobie is on vacation for two weeks. She and I definitely needed a little break from each other almost as much as she needs to go to a foreign country and see her child and grandchild. I will now be able to wear some kind of hair product to reduce the frizz factor, which I have been unable to do while working with Tobie and her allergies.

Best of all, my office-mate for two weeks is the Lovely Lucy. On the day that LL came in for training (HAH!) she spotted my computer doing something it probably shouldn't have been and made a comment to the effect that she needed more animated icons in her life. This is apparently the LJ equivalent of "dropping beads."

Turns out she is an LJ-er, although NOT a House-frau. Mostly personal blogging and working on an original SF novel that she's trying to sell. It's so weird working with someone who speaks my LJ language. Knows about shipper wars, fanon, even getting Jossed.

I'm hoping this will be an awesome two weeks.
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