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Songs, Books & Movies Meme

Ganked from lifebecomesart

Name A Song That

Reminds you of your childhood:Sing-The Carpenters
Reminds you of middle school: (that would be Junior High to those of us who grew up on the East Coast) Cry-Johnnie Ray
Reminds you of highschool: I Can't Go For That-Hall & Oates
Makes you cry:Mr. Bojangles-Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Makes you dance:Oh! What a Night (December 1963)- The Four Seasons
Makes you laugh: Folk Song Army-Tom Lehrer
You and your parents like: Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen-The Andrews Sisters
You would play at your wedding:I already did this: Congratulations-Cliff Richard
You would play at your funeral: Miss You Nights-Cliff Richard

Name A Book That
Made you cry: A Gift of Magic-Lois Duncan
Made you think: Sugar Blues-William Dufty
Kept you up at night:Story of O-Pauline Reage
You reread the most:Lolita-Vladimir Nabokov
Contained a character you will never forget:Have Spacesuit, Will Travel-Robert Heinlein
You will never part with: Ladies & Gentleman: Lenny Bruce-Albert Goldman
You wish you owned:Cry: The Johnnie Ray Story-Johnny Whiteside

Name a Movie That:
Makes you cry:Star Trek-Reboot
Makes you feel better: Local Hero
Makes you laugh:Blazing Saddles
Gives you nightmares: The Cove
You liked but everyone else didn't:Music & Lyrics
Reminds you of your childhood: The Wizard of Oz
Reminds you of college: To Live and Die in LA
You waited too long to see: Valley of The Dolls
You wish you hadn't seen: Sex and Zen
You wish you lived in: Breakfast at Tifanny's
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