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Love the drag, dahling, but your purse is on fire.

So yes, after three days of congestion and coughing, I totally sound like Tallulah Bankhead, and my oh-so-ladylike swigging of Nyquil right out of the bottle last night pretty much sealed the deal. However, as bad as I sound, I actually think I've turned a corner. Mind you, this is after I managed to pass it on to my husband, my co-worker and god knows who else.

My cough is, as they say, "productive" and although I'm a little sniffly, I'm pretty sure I'm getting better. The Beta show will be open for business tonight.

Some thoughts on fanspeak, and yes, I do know that I'm about to sound like what one of my "fans" called me about a month ago, "a loudmouth old lady."

I really do know fanspeak. At the risk of giving my whole identity away, fanspeak is in my blood. I have no problem with a subculture using its special lingo to exclude the majority. That's what being part of a subculture is all about.

You already know what I think of the smushnames. For any pairing in any fandom, including RPS (yeah, that includes you Pinto beans, and I don't care if the people involved use it themselves.). Whether it's being used in admiration or mockery. I hate them all. And the very few that are either euphonius or descriptive, I'm willing to lose in the name of the overall fight. I'm willing to sacrifice Syck just to know I'd never had to see Huddy, Hilson or any of the others EVER again. I'm especially revolted by the use of smushnames for the Trek fandom that's been spawned by the Reboot. HELLO! We're the fandom that gave name to slash by putting a slash between two names or two initials. Obviously in House fandom, one needs to use the names because H/C has three possible interpretations.

Here's where I really get into "loudmouth old lady" mode: Cosplay. NO! Sorry. You're in costume. You're not "cosplaying." It's stupid. It's pretentious. I understand it came from anime, so MAYBE, just MAYBE if you're in costume as an anime character...maybe. But if you're just wearing a costume, you're in costume. You'll always be in costume to me. And if I say "cosplay" you may assume I'm snorting in derision. You're in costume. Maybe you made it yourself and you want to make sure I know you didn't buy it, but I don't care. You're in costume.

At this point, someone is going to accuse me of some kind of "fail." I think we need a moritorium on "fail" as the default description for anything we don't like or disapprove of. I get that racefail was nicely descriptive, but now the phrase needs to be retired. It's become the "gate" of fandom and I think it's getting old and losing it's value as did "gate" which only made a revival because "Gatesgate" was too good to pass us.

Once the impact of the word is lost, there's only one thing to call it, right: failfail.

If anyone has more information on how "fail" took on this role in fanspeak, I'd be interested to hear it.
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