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Must get hair done

I took a look at the top of my head today. It was not a pretty sight. So in spite of my cold and the fact that Sebastian's house is home to Devil Cat and Furball, I am going to the East Bay on Sunday to have my tresses attended to.

Meanwhile I'm waiting for a call from Ivan to make sure that he signed up for the Run/Walk across Home Plate 5-K next week. I'm not sure if I'm really in shape for this thing after my week of sickness. I'll sign up if he did, but if he flaked, I might bail. You'll remember I was signed up to do it last year and wound up having to bail because of Broken Leg #1.

Of course if I do the 5-K next week and go to the baseball game as well, then no way do I got to the Mint to compete in the "Rock" competition for Karaoke Entertainer of the Year.

And how's this for seriously out it:

This morning I was in bathroom, doing what one does there, and discovered we were out of toilet paper, which was confusing because I was sure I'd purchased some fairly recently. Since I couldn't find any, I assumed I was delusional and it wasn't further back than I thought and we'd gone through it already.

So I ran to the store around the corner and bought some t.p. before going to work, so hubby wouldn't be without when he needed it. Hubby called me sometime today and asked I'd thought to turn around and look at the top of the toilet right in back of me...where the previously purchased toilet paper was.
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