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I've been up and down and over and out....and I know one thing.

Saturday, we finally got to SFMOMA for the Avedon Exhibit and as a bonus we got there for the last day of the Ansel Adams/Georgia O'Keefe exhibit as well. We did the Avedon first since that was the one we were more interested in. I'd seen most of the classic celebrity portraits in books or magazines, but having them right there and really getting to look at the details is always interesting. There was one of Groucho Marx from 1972 that I found especially compelling, just because it was so unrecognizable.

I also liked the fashion stuff from the 50's with Suzy Parker and a series of portraits he did of people from the West in 80's.

The Ansel Adams/Georgia O'Keefe exhibit was fun because they were both so inspired by New Mexico and they had a whole section contrasting Adams' photographs with O'Keefe's paintings of the same landscapes and adobes. Plus there were also Adams' iconic pictures of Yosemite. By that time hubby's leg was starting to give out so we called it a day and went to Samovar for tea.


Why do I buy brownies at Safeway? Bad enough that I'm eating brownies anyway, but the Safeway brownies taste yucky, even thought they look great. I hate spending money on not great food, especially since I know it's a limited time thing, before I shut the gate and go sugar-free again. Stupid stupid stupid.


While we were having the English Tea Service at Samovar (I had the "Earl Red" so I'm still clean of caffeine) hubby piped up with the idea that our next vacation should be a return to London. When I said that any trip to the UK should have a stop in Cardiff, he countered with Edinburgh. We even ended up going to Borders so he could buy guide books for London and Edinburgh and start planning this hypothetical jaunt. Obviously my last trip to the UK was, shall we say, somewhat limited in scope.

I reminded hubby that if thinks we're going to walk walk walk all over two major cities in the UK, instead of lie on a patch of lawn listening to waves in Maui, he has got to do some serious rehabbing in the next few months.

He is going back to work on Monday, but he's still got a long way to go before a trip like that would be even close to feasible, never mind the unlikelihood of my being able to take two consecutive weeks off. But it's something for us to dream about.


If you get The Bug Letter, they're probably NOT planning to get rid of the bugs.


DVDs watched-Cosi-includes Rachel Griffiths and Toni Collette, although they have no scenes together. I love quirky Australian movies.

Being Julia-Annette Benning is amazing. Great cast including Bruce Greenwood who played Captain Pike in the Star Trek reboot. I was a little worried that the ending would be a downer, but it went the other way.


HAIR DAY went off on schedule, although I was doped to the eyeballs on Benedryl, because of the cats, and I hope I didn't pass the germs on to Sebastian. I really HAD to get the hair done. Yes, I am so vain, and this song is definitely about me.

At the Mint I had a Sci-fi geek bonding conversation with this very manic guy named Titus. I got that he thinks Tennant is a better Doctor than Eccleston and he thought Tennant was gay. (I illuminated him on that topic.) He LOVED Children of Earth, and says he cried like a baby when Ianto died, but didn't delve into any deeper meanings, so I wasn't able to really pin him down on any interpretations or opinions, or get his email to send him the interview questions. I am still waiting to hear from Giovanni, however.

I did two songs, but bailed out early, cause I was still feeling kind of blah.

Went home and cooked steak for hubby.


Eureka-Why can't Henry catch a break?


Jon Stewart-The Daily Show

Interview with Betsy "Death Panel" McCaughey
Part 1
Part 2

Even better than the Jim Cramer take-down. But the big question is why Jon Stewart has to call these people out and show them for what they are, rather than the actual "journalists" who are presumably being paid to do so?


I hate "Secure Flight." I don't really want to know just how young these damn recruits are.

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