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Which CSI Character Are You?

Ganked from babykid528

Well, I wouldn't have thought so, but it seems to make sense.

Which CSI character are you?
Your Result: You are Greg Sanders


You dont take life too seriously, and can make even the most serious person laugh hysterically. Although you are often a goofball, you have great respect and loyalty for those you care about. You use humor often, but arent afraid to deal with serious situations when necessary. You put up a tough front, but deep down youre just a dork that cares deeply for others. You arent afraid to pursue whatever your dream is at the time, and you manage to overcome whatever obstacle is in your path. You make friends easily, but remain loyal to the ones you care about the most. You love rocking out to whatever band you are obsessing over at the time, and you are always up to date on current trends. Overall, you are sweet, funny, compassionate, determined and loyal.

You are Sara Sidle
You are Gil Grissom
You are Nick Stokes
You are Catherine Willows
You are Warrick Brown
Which CSI character are you?
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