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The Fic Meme

Which seems appropriate given the previous posting.

Ganked from filthgoblin

1) Last story you posted:

Girls Talk
A Cuddy/Stacy ficlet written from the prompt "Ice Cream" for drunken_hedghog from the Stump The Writer meme.

2) Last story you posted where you didn't think later I want to re-write the damn thing:
Ditto, because I generally don't go through that. I try to get a beta even for the drabbles, and I try not to post unless I'm completely happy with it.

I do look at some of my very early House-fic and notice a bit of awkward phrasing, and a few uses of "James" and "Greg" which have since been banished, unless it's accounted for in pre-show fic.

3) Last story to garner a reaction that surprised you:
I'm sort of surprised that Your Mission Should You Decide To Accept It won a CoT award the last time around. I tried really hard with that one, but I'm not sure I really got the feeling into it that I wanted. Time Agent Jack/John is a bitch to write because of the name issue. I won't call them Jack and John because they weren't and I'm not comfortable making up names for them, so it comes out a bit stilted.

4) Last story you wrote for someone:
Depending on your definition, that would either be the story from answer #1 or The Wilson Code, the House/Wilson's Brother story, written as a birthday fic (although posted horribly late) for daasgrrl.

5) Last crossover story you wrote:
Negotiation at the Nineteenth Hole
Spooks/Flight of the Phoenix-Jools/Ian fic written for vanillafluffy's comment prOn meme, because the only thing more delightful than one sexy Hugh Laurie character, is two of them.

6) Last truly raunchy thing you wrote:
Guilt Trip.
Written for the Torchwood/Dr. Who Porn Battle, although as with most of my smut, it did grow a plot.

7) Last truly cracky and/or funny thing you wrote:
Play Date
Puppy-fic featuring Harris Barrowman-Gil and Bo Obama. Completely cute, cracky and smut-free, I promise. Written to cheer up hllangel, when she was feeling icky.

8) Last story you wrote over 10,000 words:
My dark!Jeeves fic, at least in its current state. It's at the beta shop, so it may be pared down considerably before it ever sees the light of day.

My novel is also at about 23809 words for the typed chapters and more than that on paper.

9) Last AU you wrote:
The Incorporeal Corporal
AU/RPS featuring John Barrowman and Jesse Spencer including a guest appearance on Torchwood that never happened.

10) Last Death fic you wrote:
I guess Detachment would be as close as I write to an actual death fic. I rarely focus on non-canon death itself, but I do sometimes write about people dealing with canon-death. This is Jack's reaction to the loss of Owen.
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