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Good stuff and some cranky pants. With a bit of TMI.

Hubby is going to the meeting at work today. Not officially back yet, but going to the weekly meeting to say hello, get the lay of the land, find out the new gossip etc. He officially goes back on Monday. I honestly can't believe we're almost at the end of this thing, or at least this part of this thing. He still has a lot of rehabbing and exercise to go through, but this is the point at which I get the life that I had before the accident back again.

Also, some good news about Psycho-sis. Hubby went to see her yesterday and she seems to be doing quite well. The physical therapy has helped immeasureably and she's getting around with a walker. She's eating! YAY! And has put on weight, which considering how shrunken she looked from refusing to eat anything but Ensure at the board and care is a miracle. He also says she's gotten her hair dyed and cut and looked really good.

I'm quite relieved about all this. When I was forced to make decisions about her, I made the decision to send her home from the board and care because I felt she was wasting away there. Within a few days, it was clear she couldn't stay at home either, but that led to the move to Laguna Honda and the physical therapy so it all turned out ok after all. WHEW!

Meanwhile...on the annoying side. Homecoming! WTF? Really? You couldn't me pay to attend any events involved my high school, my "home town" or any of the colleges I pretended to attend. However, the trial that got canceled a few weeks ago in a semi-major American city is back on, and the new dates overlap those of "Homecoming" and I can't get any hotel space for those two nights. Nothing. Nada. I have to get rooms for 17 people over a month-long period and I can't get anything because two days are sold out for Homecoming. I don't get it at all. It seems like some relic of 50's America, a mid-western, wasp, Leave It To Beaver world that had no bearing on my growing up miserable in the suburbs.

The cold is almost, almost, almost over, but sleeping and breathing in general are still being impaired by lingering mucus. Like a big plug in my throat that I can't quite get rid of...and no soon does the cold almost end than I get my period, and this morning discovered that the big box of tampons I was trusting to be bottomless...isn't.
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