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Housebabble for Top Secret-Includes a lot of rambling about Wilson

And welcome back to TWoP

Long may you keep snarking. That was a brutal 48 hours for me.

And now the babble behind the

There was absolutely no way to watch this episode and not feel that someone on the writing staff is intimately aware of fanfic, slash, and especially fanon. So if you're the intern on the staff who is in charge of scouring the internet for ideas and feed back, welcome.

While I loved the H/W interaction, I kept having this weird feeling that it was kind of gay, but not necessarily slashy, if that makes any sense. I was also annoyed that the way in which it was slashy kept reiterating the version of the H/W relationship that is completely one sided. Wilson loves, cares, wants, worries about House and House ignores, insults, rejects and treats Wilson like shit.

When Wilson said it was "amazing" or "remarkable" or whatever it was in the first men's room scene, I could have sworn he was sneaking a peek. (I know I would have.)

This is the 2nd time a H/W men's room scene has been opportunity for the obligatory pop culture reference.

You know what really pees me off about this show? The fact that a grown man is allowed to say bitch and bastard but not piss even though in "Half-Wit" he was allowed to say pissed off. (And of course we're not allowed to hear any either.)

I was especially interested in the part where Wilson implies that House might be having the dreams because he wants a closer relationship with his father. That would be the abusive father I'm supposed to believe put House in the ice-bath and made him sleep in the yard? The whole exchange and House's lack of reaction prove to my continuing satisfaction that my loud bellows of "BULLSHIT!!!" throughout ODOR were fully founded. It ain't true people. House was not physically abused. PERIOD. My parents loved me unconditionally.

So Wilson knows way too much about the Village People for any straight man and House gives him the "you are so gay" look for it. Which brings up my Wilson rant:

Whether you approach H/W for fluff or angst, I think you gotta admit there was a better balance of power in the first two seasons and the key to that was Wilson being married or being known to flirt with or screw women or even have dinner with them.
When was House most interested, hurt, annoyed, in any way giving a damn about Wilson?
1. Dressing up for new oncology nurse. 2. Flirting with Debbie in Accounting. 3. Dinner with Stacy. 4. All Things Julie. 5. Grace. 6. Curiousity about Nurse Wendy.

Ever since the "pathetic hotel room scene" in "Fools For Love" which was right out of a fanfic, it's been made clear that Wilson isn't seeing, flirting with, screwing anyone. It's still possible for the slash glasses to see an ongoing sexual relationship (BREAKFAST!!!) but it's also possible to see Wilson Loves House and even post-Tritter, House isn't giving him anything. "Nothing's changed," can be read as "Nothing happened."

Wilson's concerns about the Vicodin usage don't seem to have changed much since "Detox" and now he knows (if the arc really happened) that House will never give it up. It makes the lecturing seem more pathetic and impotent and gives House more opportunity to ignore him.

I know I'm going to get drummed out the True Faith for this, but I really think that Wilson needs to get some and House needs to know about it for there to be any hope of a H/W relationship where Wilson isn't subservient and not in a good on-his-knees kind of way, but it in a bad, I want you and you're still not acknowledging this thing between us way. (This is why I don't mind Wilson/Chase when written by a genius like paperclipbitch because it accomplishes the same thing, gives Wilson SOMETHING besides being rejected by House.)

"You cathed yourself?"
You wanted that chore, didn't you honey?

This weeks WTF moment from Wilson: He finally gets some balls and takes charge of the case by...commandeering House's team, none of whom work for him and none of whom are oncologists???? WTF?

I did love seeing him in the differential, looking very hot with hands in pockets and did you notice that once he got rid of the report in his hands, Chase then assumed the exact same pose? There was at least one shot of both of them with hands in pockets...love and a drabble to anyone who provides me with that cap.

And then the super-delicious slash shoutout: "House would do Wilson before you'd do Chase?" followed by, if I got this correctly, "You do House and Wilson before I do Chase." Well, well, well. That's a bunch of interesting fics right there. (Side note, why are the threesome stories always H/W/Chase and never H/W/Foreman? Come on, people, let's show Eric some love.) It's so tempting to say. Cam is doing Chase, so by definition...House IS doing Wilson. And I still think that's possible. One of my House-i-verses still exists where it's been nothing but three seasons of Banter & Blowjobs, but the reality of what we saw this season makes that harder to hang on to.

"Dr. Self Righteous."
Tell me someone hasn't written that into a fic before? And now it's going to become the new "Boy Wonder Oncologist." Spare me.

Two oral sex references in one show, one for each gender. The reaction to "He hasn't performed oral sex for a year," makes me think that Stacy must have been a pretty lucky gal. Maybe there's a great H/Stacy oral sex post-infarction story waiting to be written, assuming he wasn't lying in "Humpty Dumpty" and they were still having sex before she left.

I re-watched the episode last night with hubby the RN. His concern in the self-cath scene was the lack of rubber gloves. Not very sterile. Also he thought from a medical POV that if they were trying to connect the lack of urination to the Vicodin, it would be more likely to be a kidney failure in which case there wouldn't have been anything in the bladder to get into the bag.

They definitely got me with the dream. Didn't catch on until Cuddy's face went wavy.

Now is the time on Sprockets when we dance. Now I am forced to talk about Cameron, you ignorant slut! OK, the "I think we should have sex" thing was bad and weird, but I wasn't forced to dwell on it at length. Now it's just...I don't get it. Is this just a new development of multiple personality Cam? Do they really think this any way to set up Season 4 H/Cam canon? Do they think that "face eating kiss" stuff is the least bit sexy? The only thing I'm getting out of this is that Jen is having fun playing slut!Cam instead of bitch or self-righteous!Cam, but if they're going to keep dropping "I'm over him" anvils on our heads, I don't see what the point is.

I love Hugh. I love Lisa E. I love their chemistry. I love the smile on Hugh's face as she walks away. I even like that she sort of "won" one for a change. BUT---He sees them snog once and dreams Iraq combat dreams complete with KC and The Sunshine Band Soundtrack?

In responses to fic and in metas, I've noticed that the idea of House/Cuddy or even Wilson/Cuddy provokes absolutely none of the hostility engendered by the possibility of House/Cameron or Wilson/Cameron. I have theories about this which I'll save for right now as I've probably lost most of you already.

The PoTW solution completely confused me, but at least the character was in no way annoying and didn't have parents to pee me off.

Nine or ten inches. Heh.
Television rots your brain. Heh heh.
Yelling at Cameron. Heh heh heh.

Last note, although I reserve the right to come back and edit if I think of something else:

Sex in the supply closet???? Total fanon. (I had a 'Brenda/Cuddy in supply closet' mention in the last moodfic I posted.) House's non-reaction produced the same in me. I guess they couldn't have him do a "Bertie" face there, because they want the joke to be that he doesn't really care, but it played way too flat for having gone to the trouble of setting it up.

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