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In honor of my co-worker...who is VERY EXCITED!!!

OH MY GOD! Whitney Houston's new album is being released today!!!!! SQUUUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Frankly, I could care less, but Steve has put up with so much from me over the past year, what with Hubby and all the other crap, including CoE week. So wish him much Whitney Love


This was very exciting and should have been the high-light of the weekend, but wasn't exactly.

I went into the weekend, knowing this was sort of the last hurrah of togetherness for me and hubby before he goes back to work. Lots of emotions about this, including the fact that we've been through his second major recovery in less than a year, and on some level how much I'm looking forward to getting my "old life" back again. In that life, we can go three days in a row without actually seeing each other, if I get up and out to the gym before he comes home from work. I'm concerned about his leg and the level of discomfort he might be in, but he's standing on his own fee and he says he's ready, so tonight's the night.

Starting Friday, there was a miserable heat-wave. By which I mean, mostly in the 90's. I know for my friends on the east coast, this is hardly a heat wave to speak of, but to my wimpy, fog-loving self, it was truly hideous. Just hot and sticky and soul sapping, so Saturday consisted of not doing very much.

We went to brunch at Andalu-OMG-FRENCH TOAST WITH REAL WHIPPED CREAM AND BERRY COMPOTE! I took out laundry--which led to the depressing news that the laundry guy has cancer. I couldn't quite get what kind, but apparently he's in a lot of pain, and they're not doing surgery. This is so sad. These people have been doing my laundry for like 20 years. We've seen their kids grow up. I didn't know what to say, so I made the praying hands sign.

I got a fill, pedicure, foot massage and leg waxing. Went to Walgreens for pills.

I did lots and lots of beta. For some reason, it was a very busy day at the beta shop.

Mostly I wanted to avoid doing much walking because I knew I had the 5-K in the AM and it was going to be a long day at the ballpark after that.

The heat-wave started to break on Saturday night and by Sunday morning, it was cold and foggy and FREEZING. BRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

Got up and went to the ballpark and met Ivan there. Also, of all people, rant into Former Boss From Hell, who was there as part of a team, and who I acted all friendly towards. (Who knows, I might need her to hire me again some day.) It was so cold, I was considering running in my jacket, since I was wearing short sleeves, but Ivan, as he does so often, said "Take off your clothes," and I did. BRRRRRRRRRR.

It was a good idea though. It's always a shock how quickly the body warms up when you start running. We took off at 9AM and headed straight down the Embarcadero toward The Bow and then turned around back to the ballpark. Nice, flat course. I was alternating songs running/power walking and making pretty good time. At about 940AM, I power-walked into AT&T Park and when the song changed I started running and I RAN ACROSS HOME PLATE!!!!! Then we ran out of the park and back to the starting line. I'd say I came in at about 45 to 50 minutes, which is fine.

Then things got stupid. I couldn't find Ivan. He should have been a few minutes in front of me and the usual procedure is the first one in WAITS FOR THE OTHER ONE!!!! Didn't see him. Couldn't find him. No answer on his cell. Hubby had come to meet us so we could all go to the game together, but since we had to get our game tickets at the same time in order to sit together, I thought I should wait until we found him.

Unfortunately, by the time I did find him, he already gotten his tickets! Then when I went to get ours, which were paid for as part of my run registration, they didn't have seats together AND they were out of seats period. All they had was Standing Room. Obviously that wasn't going to work. I told Ivan to enjoy the game and hubby and I bailed out of there and went in search of brunch. (Yeah, I'm pissed at the Giants, but the money still goes to Project Open Hand, so I'm ok with that.)

We found a cab and headed to Chow on Church Street, only to find it was closed because of a fire. Had no idea. Obviously I'm out of touch. So we went to Castro Street and ate at Luna. They have open air seating in the back. Which is normally closed in with heat lamps. But the flaps weren't down and the heat lamps weren't on, and there was an arctic wind coming through. Let's say we ate pretty quickly.

Hubby mentioned he wanted to go one of the stores on Castro Street to look at billfolds. For some reason, I mentioned that our anniversary was coming up, but honestly, there was no connection. My plan was to go to Delano's for some grocery shopping. We needed some frozen dinners for Hubby to eat during the week and a steak for me to cook for his last dinner before going back to work.

We met back at the apartment later and Hubby said, when I mentioned the anniversary, he thought I'd figured out his "plan." I honestly had NO IDEA what he was talking about, so he handed me a box with THIS in it. AWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!

Now I have TWO geckos. (See icon.) I am the Gecko Queen, I can do anything. This one is really lovely with the blue gemstones and red ones for eyes. HE IS SO SWEET!!! I'd have to say THAT was the highlight of the weekend.

I'd been planning to miss karaoke anyway, because I thought I'd be at the game, so we just chilled out all afternoon on our individual laptops and had a marathon of "McCallum" episodes. It's a British Crime Drama with John Hannah, from 1995. For me basically it's John Hannah eye-candy (including some lovely shots of his arse) and accent-candy (you know I'm a sucker for a Scottish accent...in fact I have a few random RPS fantasies about John Hannah and John Barrowman JUST for the accent porn.) The character can be a bit unpleasant, hypocritical and madly self-pitying. In fact, while watching it, I have a tendency to yell at the screen, "Get over yourself, big guy."

I got Hubby his bagel this morning and left to walk to work. Wish him luck on his first night back, and of course, love to my co-worker, cause it's WHITNEY DAY!

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