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Ana Marie Cox is guest-hosting the Rachel Maddow Show tonight!

I am VERY EXCITED about this. As you may (or may not) recall, the last time she was scheduled to host, turned out to be the Friday after Michael Jackson died. That Friday, they canceled Maddow in favor of non-stop MJ coverage and Ana Marie ended up going home to take care of her sick puppy. (Her actual dog, not her significant other, by the way.)

Hopefully no celebrity deaths will impinge on tonight's awesomeness. I'm especially hoping for a good throw from Keith to Ana Marie. The last two night's throws to Rachel have been truly adorable. You should check out last night's throw. Rachel was cracking up over Keith's #1 Story about Glenn Beck. It had to do with Glenn's analysis of the art and statuary...or whatever it's called, at the Rockefeller Plaza building.

Can you imagine how much more insane Beck would be if Man At The Crossroads was still there?

I'll have to watch the festivities on TIVO because Hubby and I are going out to dinner with Ivan. We're going to La Briciola, an Italian restaurant. He says it's his friend's restaurant, but I don't know if that refers to actual ownership. Ivan says he wants to take us out to dinner, which might mean he wants to pay, but since we're DINKS and he's our single, still-going-to-school friend, I don't think we'll let him.

Three day weekend coming up! YAY!
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