karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

OK, I'm an idiot...but I had help.

Admin called me the other day to book a car in Jackson, MS. We hadn't done the air reservation, so I didn't have the flight information. I know she said Jackson and I knew she meant Jackson, but for some reason my fingers decided she meant Jacksonville. As in Florida. The three letter code for Jackson is JAN and the three letter code for Jacksonville is JAX. I booked the car in JAX.

This is definitely a screw-up on my part. Client got to JAN and there was no car rental there for him. HOWEVER, I did send a copy of the itinerary to the admin, and IF she'd opened it up and looked at it, she would very clearly have seen JACKSONVILLE, FL all over the damn thing. At which point she could have called me up and said, "You idiot, I said JACKSON."

Since no such call came in prior to the client arriving in Jackson, I have to assume the admin did not look at the itinerary.

She said it wasn't a problem, so I'm guessing he was able to get a rental and there was no problem. Therefore I'm not as worried about this as I should be.

Maybe she knows she should have looked at the itinerary. Or maybe she did and didn't notice.

Obviously I really NEED that three day weekend.
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