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I'm going to call him Captain Crunch

There's SOMETHING in my kitchen. When I get up in the middle of the night, I can hear it chomping in there. The assumption is some vermin of the rodential kind. Hubby is NOT happy with my naming the damn thing and has sworn a bounty on its head. He is talking about both traps and poison. He wants it dead. I told him this was not very Buddha-like. He doesn't care.


I know there's great food available all over the world, but damn I love eating out in San Francisco.

Friday night, Ivan took us to La Briciola, an Italian restaurant, which is in fact owned by his friend Rhianna and her husband. Ivan knows Rhianna from school and apparently the answer to the question, What do you do with a degree in Medieval History? is Open an Italian restaurant.

Ivan rented a City Car Share and picked us up at home. The location at 3rd & Bryant isn't fabulous for walk-in, but the place is lovely and the food is AWESOME. We had the Pomodoro e mozzerella as a starter and the cheese was incredibly good and fresh with amazing tomatoes. They also gave us complimentary Bruschette assortite and hubby had a carpaccio. All delicious. My main course was Ravioli di cernia....ravioli stuffed with sea-bass and a lobster reduction. I'm not sure it was my best choice, but the lobster sauce and the ravioli itself were great. I just wasn't 100% thrilled with the sea-bass. Hubby had Tagliatelli ai porcini e tartuffo. I could smell the truffles from accross the table. Ivan had a salmon filet with Saffron sauce.

There were desserts. Of course. Mine was gelato with strawberries. Excellent vanilla bean gelato. And you wonder why it's so hard to get the sugar thing back under control.

Even the bread and the olive oil dipping sauce was great, although not as insidious as the green stuff at Il Cantuccio. La Briciola is definitely worth a stop, although it's NOT walking distance from my front door, which puts it at a disadvantage, so Michaeli doesn't have to worry about losing us yet.

The next day we went downtown to see a movie at the Embarcadero Center and left ourself lots of time to kill. The plan was to hang out at Tully's on the 2nd floor of Embarcadero 2, but it was *gasp* closed, so I suggested we go over to Le Meridien where hubby could get coffee in the lobby bar/Bistro 333. (It's at 333 Battery.)

We got there just after dining had closed in the upstairs restaurant but before the bar was fully open, however they gave us a seat and menus and we got have the place all to ourselves. Hubby had their take on Huevos Rancheros and I ordered a corn muffin with strawberries. OMG---it's been a long time since I had a fried corn muffin and they actually served it with butter. Not quite as bad as the "deep fried butter" reported at a County Fair in Texas but damn close and damn delicious as well.

Then last night when hubby actually had the nerve to report hunger again, I went over to Valencia Street and picked up yummies from http://www.urbunburger.com/">Urbun Burger. It's been there for over a year, taking up the space that used to be Yum Yum, a Chinese restaurant that I miss very much. Anyway, I pulled up the website yesterday so I could order the burgers to pick up and it was the FIRST TIME I noticed the spelling. Then it took me a few minutes to figure out why they would spell it that way. OK, slow on the uptake. Great burgers though. Hubby had the Mission Heat and I had a California, hold the sprouts. Really good. Especially with the sweet potato fries.

Hi "fans." DIAF? Really? For having the temerity to point out that whatever charms GDL may hold for a certain contingent of fans, he hardly qualifies as sylphlike, especially these days, if recent photos are anything to go by. Should those of you attending DragonCon wish to assure me that he is actually second cousin to a gazelle, I'll be happy to retract.

More to come...stay tuned.
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