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Dreamin' of me and you

Getting cooler. I've got pix and everything.
Making contacts.
Reading through the House Slash fiction as fast as I can so I can post my own.
Staying up nights re-re-re watching the DVDs so I can get the voices right.
I remember the early K/S fiction. Printed on actual paper it was and it was shocking...shocking. Who knew how far we'd end up.
I wish something could write a book on the whole phenomenon but the copywrite issues are horrific and would probably open a nasty can of worms. Roddenberry tended to be cool about people writing with his characters but I think even he had doubts about the hard core stuff.
I think the kinkiest fan fic slash stuff I've seen is aboutNumb3rs because now we're talking incest slash and do we really think Charlie would be quite that submssive. Interesting CSI-NY stuff out there. Mac/Donny, mucho hotness. I think the CSI original stuff is getting pretty repetitive especially since IMHO opinion the show has so obviously JTS.

Walking on air, flying so high.
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