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We saw the trailer for "An Education"

and hubby gets the points for recognizing Carey Mulligan a/k/a Sally Sparrow before I did.
The cast looks amazing:

* Carey Mulligan as Jenny
* Peter Sarsgaard as David
* Rosamund Pike as Helen
* Emma Thompson as Headmistress
* Olivia Williams as Miss Stubbs
* Alfred Molina as Jack, Jenny's father
* Sally Hawkins as Sarah
* Amanda Fairbank Hynes as Hattie
* Ellie Kendrick as Tina
* Dominic Cooper as Danny (according to Wiki, "a role that was originally going to be played by Orlando Bloom, who dropped out right before shooting started")

Can I get a big SQUEEEEEEE for Peter Sarsgaard?

Am I the only one who thinks Carey looks incredibly like Emily Watson did when she first started out? Especially since the character in this movie apparently plays cello, I thought it was somehow connected to Hilary and Jackie where Emily Watson played Jacqueline du Pre.

Have any of my lucky British friends seen this yet?

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