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Hubby has another cold!

This one is NOT my fault. I'm pretty sure I shared my germs with him three weeks ago, but I've been just fine since the last of mine cleared up.

I just came in from getting him a lot of Nyquil, Robitussin etc and I stopped by Red Lantern to pick up some hot and sour soup. Obviously there's no way he can call sick after just one week back.

I'm a little worried that his resistance might be down in general from the whole basically being inside for four months during the recovery period. Does that make any sense? He's taking vitamin C, but I don't know how much that helps.

As for me, well, I'm fairly deep in my own disease as we say in the recovery community. I took my own two benedryl last night to fend off what I think was allergy related sniffles and was still up at about two AM eating. Not just semi-in-my-sleep eating. I was conscious enough to mix up some dip and eat it with chips and then had some ice-cream. Very my dad, I'm sorry to say.

Karaoke was awesome yesterday--nice crowd and I hung out with Peggy while I worked on the Halloween story. Which is now done. I think. Although the minute I sent it to beta, I started having doubts about a certain aspect of the story. Hopefully my beta will tell me if I need a massive re-write. OH, HALLOWEEN, How I love you.

Badlands-Bruce Springsteen
Y'all Come Back Saloon-Oak Ridge Boys
I Can't Decide-Scissor Sisters.

Came home with Sushi and watched a very disappointing movie called IQ from 1995 with Walter Matthau as Einstein, Meg Ryan as all the parts which made me hate Meg Ryan in the 90's, and Stephen Fry as a Ralph Bellamy. Tim Robbins was in it too, along with a bunch of very good character actors all being wasted. Stephen's part (the Ralph Bellamy) was ostensibly straight, and while I would never say he couldn't play convincingly straight, this wasn't a good chance to do so. I'm pretty sure I only put it on the queue for Stephen and I really wish I hadn't.

I hated the way script was stacked against Stephen's character.

NOT an enjoyable experience and not a movie I'd recommend, even for Stephen. Sort of the equivalent of Maybe Baby for Hugh, although not quite that horrific.

I've started shopping to put together my real costume for Halloween. Do you know how expensive boots are? Quite shocking. I'm hoping Payless, where I get my non-Croc regular shoes, when forced to purchase some, will have something for me.

Van Jones resigns. This totally sucks, and strikes me as being a bad sign for health-care reform because it means the presidential cojones are not clanking the way they should be. Fingers crossed for the big speech.


Hubby is going to sleep now, so I've got a few hours to write, then I'll go out and do some grocery shopping. Maybe hang at the Mint for a while and come home to wake him up around four.
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