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Happy Birthday to my Hubby

Mr. Karaokegal is 49 today. He's going through a bit of a depression about it. I could tell because the living room was cleaned up when I got home last night, including my laptop which usually resides on the couch.

Since I'm a few years away from this particular milestone, I'm not sure exactly what kind of feelings the age is bringing up for him and why it's happening this year.

He's been a total peach about putting up with a years and a half of House/LJ/Smut obsession on my part, to the extent that when we're watching movies or TV together, I often have the laptop on, the notebook open or both. Sometimes I'm even chatting with my internet buddies.

Because Hubby is an RN working the night shift, he doesn't have a large social life right now. The current shift of working three nights 7PM-7AM means he also hasn't been able to participate in an Irish Music session that was very important to him. I think he feels somewhat isolated and it could be that House/LJ/Smut obsessed wifey isn't as supportive as she could be.

We're going out to our favorite Italian restaurant tonight and have invited several people to come out with us and celebrate. He's a little worried that no one will show. It's an odd thing because as you know we're not generally social and we usually celebrate birthdays with just the two of us going to dinner.

I got him tickets to see Nickel Creek (he worships Chris Theile) but he busted the surprise by asking me the other day if I'd done anything about that. Usually he totally forgets who's playing unless I get the tickets and remind him.

Anyway, if anyone wants to send birthday wishes, I'll pass them along.
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