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Countdown Meme

Ganked from kimberweeme.

10 Things You Feel Like Saying Right Now

10. I quit.
9. It ain't me, babe.
8. It is to laugh.
7. Man up, Mr. President.
6. Bwuahahahahahahahhaha.
5. Feed me!
4. I don't have time for this shit.
3. Thanks for being there.
2. Again?
1. When are we selling the damn bike?

9 Celebrities/Musicians/Singers You Wouldn't Mind Being Trapped In A Room With

9. John Barrowman
8. Hugh Laurie
7. Adrian Pasdar
6. Keith Olbermann
5. Rachel Maddow
4. Ana Marie Cox
3. Brian Ferry
2. Robbie Williams
1. Jack Coleman

8 Items You Would Buy If You Had $500

8. Awesome western style boots.
7. New computer printer, also mouse and keyboard.
6. New pair of Crocs
5. Life On Mars DVDS
4. Massage
3. State of Play DVD
2. Dinner at Woodhouse Seafood-Oysters.
1. Bootcut jeans to go with #1

7 Things You'd Do If You Had Superpowers

7. fly
6. run fast
5. turn invisible
4. read minds
3. time travel
2. healing (myself and others)
1. sing better

6 Facts About Your Favorite Bands Television Characters

6. House can no longer get it up without Viagara. Ghost!Amber teased him about it. That's a big reason why he's finally going in to rehab.
5. Jack Harkness was shagging the first mate of the ship about fifteen minutes after he boarded. Maybe less.
4. Nathan Petrelli gets slighty aroused after each flight. That's why he and Matt decided NEVER to talk about it again, because Matt FELT it and Nathan knew he did.
3. Fornell thinks that Gibbs gets too close to his people, even though he thinks Gibbs should show them more visible appreciation.
2. Gene Hunt has dreams where Sam is trying to tell him something, but he can never hear what it is and he wakes up in a sweat. (One reason the missus left him.)
1. Cal McAffrey got into journalism because he saw the movie version of All The President's Men.

5 Movies That Make You Laugh

5. My Favorite Year
4. Bull Durham
3. The Secret Policeman's Other Ball
2. Music & Lyrics
1. Ferris Bueller's Day Off

4 Movie Releases You Look Forward To

4. An Education
3. No Impact Man
2. Nine
1. Good Hair

3 Foods You Would NEVER Eat

3. Kimchee
2. Deep fried butter
1. Space whale.

2 Stores You Go To Most Often

2. Safeway
1. Walgreens

1 Band You'd Stand In A Hailstorm Just To See

If Robbie Williams, Cliff Richard or John Barrowman played a date in the US, I'd be there. (No, ego-fest type conventions do not count.)

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