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That's Entertainment!

Apparently what Con-going really needed back in the day, was a better way to distribute salacious and possibly misleading information to vast numbers of people, as quickly as possible, rather than having to wait weeks or even months for gossip to filter down the pipeline.


Hubby pulled himself together to go work last night...and came home about a half hour later. He must have been really, really sick and obviously his job is more physical than mine, but I still think I would have stuck it out. On the other hand, doing that last week was probably the wrong thing. Hopefully he'll feel better by tonight.

Back to the gym this morning. 30 minutes on the treadmill. I want to get my running legs back in shape. I'm pretty much aiming at the Kaiser Half-Marathon at the end of January.


Big speech tonight. Come on Mr. President. We know you can do it.


Pimp post coming later...that's right, I'm pimping a pimp post. :)

ETA: Sorry, the BIG SPEECH is tomorrow. Today is the speech to the kids about working hard and staying in school that the conversatives are all up in arms about.
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