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Waiter, what's this fly doing in my PIMP POST?


Let It Go by donutsweeper
Jack/Owen-594 Words
YAY for my TW OTP! YAY for donutsweeper using a Song Lyric Prompt AND OMG Dom!Owen!
A trifecta of happy-dancing!

Your Eyes Say by canaana.
Gwen/Rhys-150 Words. A fabulous little drabble and a half that manages to tell the truth about Gwen/Rhys, Gwen/Jack and Jack/Ianto superbly.

Closure by 51stcenturyfox
Yeah, I'm probably the last person in the fandom to get around to reading and falling in love with this, but on the off-chance you haven't yet...Go. Read. Give Love.
Jack spends some time with someone who actually understands.
Real!Jack and Real!John at their finest.

A few fabulous fics by babykid528 who went on tear of a fic-writing a few weeks ago.
Check 'em out!
The History Books Forgot Us
RPF featuring Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston with a slew of celebrity cameos, especially for those who wish a certain famous triangle had ended up differently.

An All Around Lovely Day
The Time Traveler's Wife
Very sweet fic, spoilers for the movie.

Coming Home
Fandom: Little Women (AU for Little Men and Jo's Boys)
Characters: Jo/Laurie, mentions of Beth March and Beth Lawrence


speccygeekgrrl wrote THIS nifty bit of Nathan Petrelli for me from This MEME.



Your Kingdom's Border by andbless_mybaby
Nathan/Claire NC17, so yeah it's incest to start and has so domination and attempted violence to boot. Mrrrrrrrowowwwww!


Sins of the Fathers by samstjames
Jack/Gwen with just a possible touch of incest. I adore this premise and the way she builds up to it, mostly because of what it says about Jack. Extremely real!Jack IN DA HOUSE!

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