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Woken up by rather loud thunder-clap.

It was raining last night. First rain we've had in months, but it's early for rainy season to start.

I read a little bit and then started in on the cleaning and picking up I'd promised myself including two trips down the back stairs to take cans/bottle/pizza boxes etc down to the recycling bins. I'm all sniffly and red-eyed now from the dust that gets stirred up whenever I clean up in the bed-room, especially the closet.

Finally got around to getting hubby to unlock the hall closet so I could put away my suitcase, which has been in various precarious locations in the apartment since my return from the Squeeeee Odyssey.

Hubby's off to the gym. He's still been coughing and bringing up lots of phlegm, but he's trying to kick this thing out of his system so he can go back to work (again) on Monday. I'm going to take out laundry and also take one load downstairs to do myself. Pretty much my unfavorite chore in the world (tied with dishes) but the laundry situation is getting out of control and desperate measures are needed.

No major excursions planned for this weekend. He needs to stay home and get well and we're sweating out out paychecks on the 15th.


Forgot to mention...I have an odd looking gash just to side of my right eye...I managed to WALK INTO THE MBIRA, that's hanging on the wall by the bedroom door the other night while I was coming back from a night eating prowl. OUCH! And proof that I really need a way to stop the night-eating thing. Unfortunately this was after waking up in the middle of the night from a two-benedryl sleep.


Loved the President's speech, but hate the attention this Joe Wilson guy is getting. Certain segments of the Right are fapping themselves into a frenzy and sending oodles of money. Their new "dream ticket" is "Palin/Wilson 2012."


Noir Festival coming up at the Roxie next week!

Elliot Lavine has responded to the huge demand from noir enthusiasts all over the Bay Area. He has programmed a stupendous thirteen-day fest of noir classics and curios from the famed vaults of Columbia Pictures. A total of twenty-two great films, currently unavailable on DVD, will be presented in beautiful 35mm studio vault prints.From Thursday, September 17th through Wednesday, September 30th (no program Wednesday, September 23rd), audiences will thrill to such works as Nicholas Ray's KNOCK ON ANY DOOR, Jacques Tourneur's NIGHTFALL, Fritz Lang's HUMAN DESIRE, Don Siegel's THE LINE UP, Joseph H. Lewis' MY NAME IS JULIA ROSS and SO DARK THE NIGHT, Samuel Fuller's THE CRIMSON KIMONO, Robert Rossen's JOHNNY O'CLOCK, Irving Lerner's MURDER BY CONTRACT and CITY OF FEAR and many more.Many of Columbia's higher profile noirs have sadly slipped through the cracks due to scant or non-existent VHS or DVD versions. Major directors like Fuller, Ray and Siegel are woefully under-represented in this way and odd-ball gems like Richard Quine's steamy PUSHOVER (1954) with Fred MacMurray and Kim Novak; and Paul Wendkos' remarkably strange and dark film, THE BURGLAR (1957), from the novel by David Goodis starring Dan Duryea and Jayne Mansfield. Also included is an early film from William Castle, THE WHISTLER (1944) and Will Jason's rarely screened, stylish and disturbing horror-noir hybrid SOUL OF A MONSTER (1944).

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