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Benedryl is a wonderful drug!

I sniffled through most of yesterday, after the dust-stirring clean-up, and it got worse when hubby did some clean-up as well, including spraying Fantastik around. Then I got sneezy and sniffly until I popped two Benedryls.

We mostly chilled out and played Backgammon for awhile. Watched some DVDs. I'm probably the last person on the planet to see Napoleon Dynamite. It was cute, but took a while to get into. At least now I know what all those "Vote for Pedro" t-shirts were about a few years ago.

This AM, I came into the living room just as hubby was starting Ghost Machine, which I haven't seen for awhile. It was so great watching it again. (I went through a period where I couldn't watch any of the old episodes because I was so upset about what I thought was going to happen in CoE.) That was a truly awesome episode. Great stuff with Owen. *sniff* I loved it when Jack went off on Gwen, Owen and Tosh and best of all, the gun scene. Mrrrrrrooooowwwwwww. How anybody sees that scene and refuses to see J/G at least in terms of UST and chemistry is STILL beyond me, and never mind the Jack/Gwen closeness at the end. In fact, my new fanon is that Jack was being so pissy because he was horny for Gwen and engineered the gun thing as soon as he could.

Then we watched Voyage of the Damned. Which had moments that I loved and moments I hated, but I've warmed back up to Kylie.

Gotta do some writing before Karaoke today.
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