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Stark's Laboratory:The Nathan Stark Archive

For fans of Nathan Stark from Eureka:

This comm welcomes all fic and art related to Nathan Stark. We welcome any pairing, from the most popular like Nathan/Jack or Nathan/Allison to the overlooked and rare, such as Nathan/Fargo or Nathan/Allison/Jack. Threesome, crossover, slash, het, gen-- it's all welcome here as long as it's centered on tall, dark and snarky himself.


Halloween Fanfic Party: Come As You're Not.

Pssst-Housefraus still looking for a costume might want to check out ppth_support's Eligible Character lists for inspiration. Write a fic about a Patient of the Week or other guest character that you've never written before. As an added bonus, you'll have a place to pimp it after the party. Also, this week's drabble challenge episode is Sex Kills. If you've ever wanted to write Cow Guy fic, now's your chance.

Children of Time Awards are still open for nominations, and I gotta tell you a lot of the categories are looking very sad. Go through your memories and find Owen fics you love and get them nominated. Share the Owen love (As well as the Brigadier, Sarah Jane Smith and Donna Noble love.)



No Man's Land by pwcorgigirl

Jools-lusters rejoice! Mr. Siviter is back in action, along with Tessa and everybody's favorite "piece of filth" Sergei Lermov. Some lovely cold war backstory of the relationships amongst these and plenty of BAMF Jools for those of us who love him.


Beer and Lies by fajrdrako.

A nice vignette of Gwen and Andy that is totally about Jack and Gwen and made me very happy.

In Shining Armour by paperclipbitch. Our delightful Lady Paperclip is back from her European Wanderings with a delightful crossover of Torchwood and Narnia with the utterly lovely, but unexpected pairing of Tosh and Prince Caspian. Tosh is her slightly geeky, but totally adorable self with Ianto and Owen as comic relief with hardly any angst whatsoever.


And because you can't have too many Narnia crossovers how about The Lion, The Witch and the Chevrolet Equinox a Narnia/Top Gear crossover from yuletide. Seriously crack, but lots of fun and even a bit sweet.
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