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Fic Round Up for First Quarter of 2007

In preparation for the "Stump The Author" meme. I promise, I have NOT been re-reading while I did this. I'll probably post the meme on Sunday night, but if you want to start trolling, be my guest.

Boxed Set 2006 can be found HERE

Looking at this list, I keep thinking that I really am a round-heeled H/W shipper. That's a lot of damn pairings to have written in four months, not even counting the femslash drabbles.

Mad Season
House/Cameron Smut for the hc_smut_a_thon

Use Your Illusion
Wilson/Chase smut for kohlrimmedeye

House/Cameron-Moody Fic #1

House/Wilson, House/Cameron-Moody Fic #2

Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires
House/Wilson-Moody Fic #3

House/Wilson-Moody Fic #4

Wedding Bell Blues
House/Wilson, Wilson/Cameron-Moody Fic #5

House/Wilson-The tongue-in-cheeky schmoopfic.

Friends & Lovers
The most recent installment in the Hugh&Bobby RPS saga.

The Second Time Around
Wilson/Cuddy for secondsilk

Darkness on the Edge of Town
House/Wilson-The angst to end all angst.

House/?-The crack!drabble my husband asked me to write.

House/Chase smut for haldane

Hairy Gorilla
CSI-NY-Danny/Lindsay (references Lindsay/Flack, Mac/Danny) for kohlrimmedeye

Femslash drabbles for femslash100


Mission of Mercy
Cameron/Petra Gilmar

Back To School

Two for the price of one.
Cold Sweat-CSI-Catherine/Sofia
Main Squeeze-CSI-NY-Peyton/Lindsay

Bang Bang

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