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It's gonna be a cranky Friday, I can tell already

#1-Client is attending big conference in Madrid. He KNOWS there's bazillion attorneys attending and that most of the major hotels are sold out. I managed to get one of the hotels to open some space, but the rate is higher than he wants to pay. Client wants me to find another hotel, in the same area, but cheaper, even though he and I both know that the town is full and the hotels can charge whatever they want.

#2.Client is already over-seas and is bugging his secretary to print his boarding passes. Secretary is having problems doing this. I suspect it's because I had to cross ticket a bunch of different carriers together. I hate doing it, but it was the only way to get the thru-fare. I'm probably going to have to tell her she can't do the boarding passes, which is going to make him cranky and I'm going to hear about it.

#3. I have to do another OOPS. I did an exchange on Continental where the fare actually went down, so I took the penalty out of the residual. Turns out you can't do that on Continental, even though I could swear I've done it with them in the past. We got a debit memo for the difference and even though I made the error in good faith on behalf of the client, there's no way to ask the client to pay it now without stirring up a lot of crapola. It's easier for us to pay the Debit Memo and me to basically ding myself as an idiot. So far, I haven't had any OOPS money taken out of my GEM checks, but it could happen if there was enough of them. Most of mine have been incremental, but it adds up.

So yeah. That kind of a day. (Plus Day 4-Sugar Detox.)
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