karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

L'shana Tova, me hearties!

How fabulous! It's Jewish New Year and International Talk Like a Pirate Day. The chance to celebrate holy days in two religions at the same time.

So far I've been out running/walking/running around Dolores Park for an hour. Hubby's going to spend some time at the Zen Center later, while I get the Goddess Nails attended to, and maybe do some Halloween costume shopping. (Boots-boots-boots-boots-movin' up an' down again!)

When he gets back, we're going to go to the Roxie for the Noir Festival. Today's double is Knock on Any Door and Convicted. Knock On Any Door should be fun. I know I saw it back in my watching old movies on TV days, but I'm wondering what my slash glasses will see with Humphrey Bogart and a very young John Derek.


Other plans for the day include hunkering down on some Beta and writing projects.

Lovely hubby is going down to get the bagels right now. He is doing MUCH better. He was back at work this week and seems to be mostly over his cold, although that ending mucus producing part does like to hang on.

If I owe you a meme reply, it is coming. I'll post the Five Fannish Things on Monday, so if anybody still wants to put in a request there, go ahead.

I'm looking forward to the first House Party of the new season on Monday night. There are some VERY promising spoilers out there, both on the slash front and the getting what I want regarding certain characters front. Although as we've all spent a fun summer learning, when it comes to the words of producers/writers/directors/actors hyping their product, Dr. Gregory House is still the authority. EVERYBODY LIES! (They're all scurvy sons of biscuit eaters and should be made to walk the plank.)


And a bonus-Lotte Lenya sings like a pirate:

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