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Happy House Day!

And we're back, with the two hour House Party extravaganza at my gmail tonight. I think I will NOT live-blog/twitter through the episode, out of deference to the unspoiled who might be Tivo-ing not to mention our friends in the UK and elsewhere around the world. (HELLLLLOOOOOO AUSTRALIA.) As I've said, I'm a bit spoiled, have concerns, but also have some good hopes for this season. I'm sure I'll be yelling STFU at the usual deserving idiots, but I'm going to try and be positive as much as possible. No really. Stop laughing.

Meanwhile, Emmy-wise, our boy Hugh was ROBBED. Again. This is getting annoying and somewhat ridiculous. Not quite Susan Lucci level, but at least noticeable. The only thing I can think is that Hugh is making it look too easy, in spite of the accent, the limp and *cheap shot ahead* having to act opposite Olivia Wilde.


Weekend stuff...

I found a pair of boots for my Hallowen costume. Very good thrift store on Mission near 21st. I think it's actually called "Mission Thrift," but it's NOT the big big thrift store on Misson and 17th. I still need a red blouse of moderate shininess, a sold-body electric guitar and a pair of boot-cut jeans. The jeans will wait until the last minute (the week before Halloween) so that I can buy whatever size is appropriate at the time. This should be a very fun Halloween, since it's on a Saturday and I'm totally looking forward to it.

When hubby came home we decided to ditch the Noir for Saturday night and do Sunday matinee instead, because those movies sounded a little cooler, and he was kind of beat from a day at the Zen Center. Yeah, I know. Go figure.

So we started knocking stuff off from a week's worth of Tivo.

Spoilers for Warehouse 13, Eureka and Bones.

Bones----That was a lot of cute, YAY CINDI LAUPER, and a bit of annoyance. The premise for Booth not admitting his feelings was already starting to wear thin by the end of the episode. I'm not sure how much longer they can draw this out without it getting too infuriating. I can only hope that they use Gordon's reappearance *YAY STEPHEN!* as the catalyst. If they keep this going for a whole season, I think they risk pissing people off. Me, anyway. I know the problem is that if you resolve the UST you risk Dave/Maddie, Sam/Dianne etc, but Booth/Brennan don't have that level of surface animosity to deal with, and I think theoretically they could still have an interesting relationship even after opening up with the ILUs.

As an aside, could someone give Patricia Belcher as Caroline Julian her own spin-off? Take a few of the failed and interns and some other quirky chracters and let her alternately bitch them out and call them cheri for an hour. I'd watch that.

Warehouse 13----Well...ummmm....Carrie with a guy instead? And did we have to have Myka's tearful reconciliation with her dad, when I don't even care about her? Why are they taking a show that's supposed to be about "quirky" and focusing on the "normal" people. They've done their job of bringing us into the premise and now...I just don't care about them. Although Roger Rees....Whoooooo-hooooooo! I've loved him since Cheers and adored his appearances on West Wing. Look forward to some kind of big showdown, but hope he doesn't have to be killed off. Can he be brought into the main cast and "redeemed," but not really? Please.

Eureka---Wow did that look look the end of series. Do we know if there's going to be another season? How many bows could they neatly wrap around all the characters...except (of course) Henry.

We also watched a very cool documentary called The Yes Men, which I highly recommend. It's a little Michael Moore (he's in it) and a bit Borat/Bruno in terms of totally putting on people who should know better. It takes place during the bad old Bush days, but is still very relevant and apparently the guys are still in business. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Yes_Men

The funniest part (at Chez K-gal) was that neither of us looked very closely at the Netflix envelope and we both assumed this was the Jim Carrey movie of Danny Wallace's book "Yes Man," which we both loved and were sort of dreading the movie version bastardization of. So it was a welcome relief that it wasn't that at all.

On Sunday we went to Panchita's for brunch. MMMMMMM Huevos Rancheros! Then we went to the Roxie and saw Pushover and Drive a Crooked Road.

Pushover---Fred MacMurray in another great tough-guy noir roll ten years after Double Indemnity. The guy still hasn't learned to watch out for gorgeous blondes who are worried about money. In this case it's Kim Novak in her first role, and you can see exactly how much Harry Cohn was trying to make her into another Marilyn Monroe, right down to the hair and the whispery voice. All kind of snappy, snarky dialogue, including "It's been weird knowing you." and an actual usage of "Your place or mine." (She replies "Surprise me.")Lots of dark, rainy streets too.

Soap fans will be thrilled to see Philip Carey, who went to be Asa Buchanan on One Life to Live. There's also E.G. Marshall and Dorothy Malone.

Drive A Crooked Road-Mickey Rooney noir. Although for a noir, it mostly takes place in the day light and there's no rain. The femme fatale is Dianne Foster, but the best part is the baddie played by Kevin McCarthy. The slash is provided by Jack Kelly as the baddie's side-kick who is clearly in love with him and gets ALL the good lines.

It's amazing how easy both of these movies make bank robbery look. On one hand, I'm sure it was a little easier in 1954. On the other, these movies also make it clear, it's not robbing the bank, it's the way everything goes to hell afterwards. It's also kind of funny to notice the amounts that people are willing to risk everything for in these movies. Neither of bank hauls is even close a million.

As far I know, neither of these is currently out of DVD, but if you ever get the chance...you totally should see them, especially Pushover. (Hubby, more a child of the 60's than I am, has much more cognitive dissonance watching Fred MacMurray being a tough guy and kissing Kim Novak on a couch.)

Massive amounts of smoking in both movies too. Of course.


Big crowd at the Mint.

I only did two songs.

You're So Square, Baby I Don't Care-Elvis Presley
Ballroom Blitz-The Sweet.

I hung out with Giovanni for awhile. He hasn't answered the Torchwood Interview. Found it too overwhelming. Apparently he did head over to some of the AfterElton discussions, especially the comparison of Tara's death with Ianto's. Mostly he was taken aback by the vitriol of the comments, but he did ask me how I felt about the major logic breakdown of Jack going in and threatening the 456 leading to you know what. I shrugged, and said it's one of those things that just doesn't hold up if you think about it too much afterwards and he agreed.

F/W/I/W-Giovanni. Gay man. Loves Ianto, love J/I. Sad about Ianto, but not devastated. Doesn't think he should be brought back. Loves Gwen. Loves Gwen/Rhys, but doesn't think he'd have freak out if they did go J/G. Also based on the AfterElton comments, thinks people need to get a life. He hasn't seen any of the LJ discussion, but when I told him about the coffee, the balloons etc, he just shook his head.

Digression-You know, this morning I was thinking that maybe the AGA-ers could blame the "beans" on Gwen as well. Rhys is only there because of Gwen, so technically, the beans are Gwen's fault. That way they can accuse of her cock-blocking without actually having to admit how much Jack wants her.-End digression

Also it turns out that we have birdays two days apart in October, so we're going to do a joint bday party at the Mint on the 25th. Whooooo-hooooooo

Came home, finished up McCallum. I lovelovelove John Hannah, but altogether, not a very loveable show. I need to go back and make sure I've seen all the Rebus episodes they did with him before switching to Ken Stott.

And as if anyone needed another reason to love San Francisco

Here's the schedule for the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival.

Among so many others....Marianne Faithful! I'm gonna see Marianne Faithful, for free, in Golden Gate Park. Whooooooo-hoooooooo!
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